The Top 3 Reasons for Utilizing a Cloud Management Platform for Monitoring

The Top 3 Reasons for Utilizing a Cloud Management Platform

Before implementing an AWS monitoring solution, address the “Whats” and “Whys”.

An IT department gains many advantages by using the cloud, but the three we hear most are increased agility, flexibility, and usability.

However, gaining such advantages could also lead to more frequent  outages or potential disasters if not carefully managed. With increased usability and accessibility can come an increase in risk.

In this post we will outline three of the biggest advantages to pairing your AWS or cloud environments up with a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to help you leverage the advantages of the cloud while decreasing the risk and oversight resources required to protect your environment.

1) Enhanced Security

Let’s face it — not everyone knows everything. As much as I would like to be a person who knows it all, such people simply does not exist. So why do organizations base their security strategy on hiring such people? Those plans are non-viable. With a cloud management platform overlaying your cloud environments to enforce security best practices, you can depend on specialists to research, recommend, and implement security guardrails — continuously and effectively. No more depending one person or team to assess your compliance with cloud security standards — and issues can be fixed automatically.

2) Improved Operational Control and Visibility

A critical success factor for every organization is operational excellence and efficiency, but the reality of inconsistent processes and a significant skills gap make them hard to achieve. By leveraging operational guardrails and best practices, teams can focus on developing new processes and finding additional efficiencies within operational processes. This enables a DevOps team to move at lightning speed without having well-meaning teams members violate corporate policy. It is great to move fast, but not by risking the environment’s integrity or resilience.

3) Economic Savings

An additional benefit of using a cloud management platform to control your AWS infrastructure is the platform’s ability to govern resource consumption by enforcing practices on what should run and when, putting a cap on cloud spending. By applying limits or alerts when usage levels reach a point where an additional charge may occur, and shutting down resources which are not being used, you can optimize cloud spending without requiring behavioral changes from teams. With economic guardrails in place, you have more than just a CFO trying to control the bills.

This post only covers direct monetary savings, but you also reap time savings by automating actions and letting skilled resources focus on more strategic tasks. Because time is money.

To learn about the advantages of a cloud management platform partnered with your AWS or cloud environment, request a free trial today and see how we can help bring the original promise of the cloud to your organization.

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