Integrate cloud security into the tools you already use.

Powerful integrations to enhance your existing tools with advanced security capabilities without forcing users to learn yet another product.

  • Keep your existing workflow tools: flexibly integrate directly with major workflow products to blend in with existing processes.
  • Empower Security ChatOps: with full, bi-directional alerts and remediations for real-time security management.
  • Enable event-driven security: pull events from major cloud security event sources like AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, or the Azure Security Center.
  • Stream activity anywhere: send all collected cloud and system activity to your favorite SIEM or log manager.

ChatOps Integrations

Integrate directly with Slack and Microsoft Teams for bi-directional security ChatOps. Once integrated, our Intelligent Cloud Security Alerts appear directly in the right channel, for the right team, pre-configured with enriched data and a dropdown of remediation actions. DisruptOps supports a wide range of configurations, including sending the same alert to multiple channels so security can keep an eye on everything while teams manage their own issues and incidents.

Workflow Integrations

DisruptOps connects directly to major workflow tools for issue and incident management. Integrate with JIRA, ServiceNow (Beta), and AWS Security Hub to enhance existing processes with DisruptOps’ security capabilities. Integrations are bi-directional, so if you remediate an issue inside or outside of DisruptOps we can update the status in your workflow tool to save you a click and ensure data is always up to date.

Notification and Log Integrations

Send cloud security events and DisruptOps activity directly to your favorite SIEM or log management platform. DIsruptOps currently supports sending activity to nearly any destination using Amazon’s flexible Simple Notification Service.

Event Integrations

DisruptOps accepts security relevant events from nearly anywhere (in the cloud). Existing AWS integrations work natively with Security Hub, Guard Duty, CloudTrail (via CloudWatch) and Config. Our Azure integrations (Beta) receive events from the Azure Security Center and Azure Monitor (which includes all administrative/API activity). Configuring event sources is easy thanks to support for infrastructure as code or using our built-in automations.

Cloud Security Service Integrations

Embrace and extend the security tools offered by your cloud provider through direct service integrations. Our automation platform is designed to work natively with Security Hub, the Azure Security Center, and other tools such as the AWS Access Analyzer. DisruptOps doesn’t merely pull data from these services; where supported we use the services themselves to enhance your cloud security.

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