Enforce Policies and Best Practices Continuously

Automated Guardrails ensures security and operational best practices are enforced consistency and continuously. Without Guardrails, the scale and complexity inherent in multiple teams managing multiple cloud environments quickly leads to spiraling costs, inconsistent configurations, and increased risk.

  • Maintain top notch security: Follow security guidelines and benchmarks from organizations like CIS, NIST and AWS across all of your cloud accounts and providers.
  • Achieve operational excellence: Ensure standard functions like monitoring/logging, IAM and backup occur predictably and consistently.
  • Assess cloud posture continuously: Keep pace by ensuring cloud resources always adhere to policies and best practices regardless of how many teams can make changes. 
  • Fix issues automatically: Policy violation alerts can be intelligently routed with the ability to respond embedded in the alert.

Auto Integration with AWS Security Hub

Automated Guardrails can be triggered by any tool sending findings to AWS Security Hub, which routes the alert to DisruptOps and allows you to take action automatically.

Rule-Based Alerting and Remediation

Some policy violations need immediate attention, and some don’t. Automated Guardrails allows you to either alert or automatically remediate depending on the criticality of the situation. Not sure which bucket the issue falls into? No problem, just route it to a human to quickly review and determine the next step with one click.

Guardrails, Not Blockers

Automated Guardrails don’t block activity; rather they enforce the policies as intended, ensuring that business can continue without adding any additional risk. For example, open admin ports can be locked down to specific known-good IP addresses, ensuring administrators can still do their job.

Fix Violations Directly from Alerts

DisruptOps can enforce an Automated Guardrail autonomously or with a single clock human intervention, directly from the within the operational tools used to manage the environment (like Slack or Microsoft Teams). There is no need to log into the cloud console or DisruptOps to make immediate fixes.

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