Powerful, out-of-the-box features to secure the cloud at scale.

Empower your team with the speed and agility that DevOps needs, and foundational know-how for security teams to correctly keep security in the forefront.  All of these features, and more, are just a click away. Our SaaS-based platform provides quick time to value, with an unprecedented 3-minute stand-up time, with nothing to install to begin utilizing.

Gain cross-account visibility

Review the total number of cloud resources being consumed across all of your cloud accounts and mix of providers.

Run security assessments

Generate reports that monitor and review your cloud infrastructure misconfigurations based on cloud security best practices.

Establish continuous control

Automate remediations and actions based on the issues found. Reduce alert fatigue and keep continual policy enforcement.

Real-time cloud compliance

Assessments organized by compliance groups makes for easy and continuous compliance reporting for CIS, PCI, and others.

3rd-Party Detection & Response

Integrate with other 3rd party security providers, such as AWS Security Hub and others, and further automate remediations to their event findings.

3rd-Party Ticket & Notifications

Sync the platform to your communication software of choice, such as Slack or Jira, for enabled remediation workflow.

What does DisruptOps do?

Intelligent Security Alerts

Get contextual alerts to the right app or dev team to fix critical issues.

Intelligent Alerting

Reduce alert fatigue. Get the right alerts to the right team at the right time.


Operational Response

Recommend 1-click or fully automated responses to fixing issues.

Operational Response

Fix issues faster and make your operational teams more productive.


Team Collaboration

Issues happen. Break down the walls between security, app and dev to accelerate resolution.

Team Collaboration

Remediate and respond to security problems within the tools you already use.