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Supercharging AWS Security Hub: Part 3, Taming the Console

August 25th, 2020|

In our last post we covered getting started with Security Hub and how to set up an optimized configuration, including prepping forward findings for alerting or remediation. Now although we’ve introduced the core capabilities, in this post we’ll walk through the different parts of the console...

Supercharging AWS Security Hub: Part 2, Get a Running Start

August 20th, 2020|

Continuing our dive into AWS Security hub let’s jump into setting up. Don’t worry, I won’t just rehash the AWS documentation; this post will cover our recommended configuration, how to push findings and events back into your security infrastructure...



Supercharging AWS Security Hub
10-29-2020  @  10:00am CST

How to Harness AWS CloudTrail to Improve Your Security Operations
11-18-2020  @  10:00am CST

How DevOps and Security Work Together in the Cloud
12-16-2020  @  10:00am CST


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