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Supercharging Security Hub: Part 4, Taking Action

September 4th, 2020|

In our last post, we walked through the console and highlighted making the most of the Security Hub console and some tips and tricks to make it more useful. Today I want to dive into one of the best parts of Security Hub — taking actions on events and findings.



Supercharging AWS Security Hub
10-29-2020  @  10:00am CST

How to Harness AWS CloudTrail to Improve Your Security Operations
11-18-2020  @  10:00am CST

How DevOps and Security Work Together in the Cloud
12-16-2020  @  10:00am CST


Advanced Techniques for Defending AWS ExternalID and Cross-Account AssumeRole Access

Advanced Techniques for Defending AWS ExternalIDs and Cross-Account AssumeRole Access Last month Kesten Broughton at Praetorian Security released some great research on third party cloud security products using Amazon’s preferred cross-account connection technique - AWS IAM Assume Role Vulnerabilities [...]

By |July 14th, 2020|Amazon, How To's, Security, Tips & Tricks|1 Comment

Unseen Exposure – Tackling the Pervasive Server Remote Access Issue

Unseen Exposure – Tackling the Pervasive Server Remote Access Issue One of my philosophies regarding the proliferation of relatively straightforward cloud security issues – those that are basically uncomplicated, yet challenging to address based on sheer volume – is [...]

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