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Security Guardrails find AND fix both inadvertent misconfigurations and malicious attackers
from violating security best practices and potentially exposing critical cloud resources.

Ops for Security

The DevOps mindset pushes developers and operations teams to move faster, deploy faster, and adapt faster. Security cannot get in the way or slow the process. Security Guardrails automatically enforces security best practices, not just finding misconfigurations and attacks, but fixing them typically before you even know there is a problem. This frees DevOps teams to move fast without risk.


Be confident identity policies extend consistently across your entire cloud, eliminating excessive privileges.


Ensure logging and alerting are set up consistently across multiple accounts, ensuring full visibility of all cloud activity.


Enforce proper network access policies, ensuring security groups are properly configured to minimize attack surface.


Be sure critical data stored is protected by automatic enforcement of policy-based tagging, access and encryption rules.

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