DisruptOps Raises a Series A, Why Should You Care?

We are excited to share the news of closing our Series A funding round. You can read the announcement here.

But, why should you care?

The reality of venture funding is that raising money does not equal success. It is definitely an acknowledgment that an investor thinks the business will be successful, but that and a couple of bucks will only get you a cup of coffee. Success comes from customer adoption and delivering long-term value to those customers, which then usually results in increasing and sometimes exploding revenue and always requires building great teams to achieve these outcomes. It’s not the investment that matters – it’s what a company does that matters.

We are excited about this funding because the investment allows us to execute on what we care about: solving cloud security challenges. We believe that security in the cloud at scale requires automation. We believe that everyone, not just the select few cloud unicorns with the time, capability, and money to build custom solutions, should have the ability and tools to automate cloud security operations. We believe that cloud presents new challenges to security operations, but more importantly, we believe it presents new opportunities to do it better.

The bottom line to you is that with this investment we are better positioned to address your needs and solve your problems. We’d love to hear about those problems. What cloud security operations challenges are impacting your ability to move more workloads to the cloud? What cloud exposures or attacks concern you the most? What would improve your security operations experience and what would make the security of your cloud infrastructure better?

If you aren’t sure what we do and how it helps you scale your cloud security operations, give us 15 minutes and we can show you. If you have great ideas about how to improve cloud security operations, we would love to talk to you and hear your ideas and see if we can help.

Raising money is just a step on our journey. Success for DisruptOps is when we deliver great value to a customer. We would love to hear from you and see how we can help improve your cloud security operations.

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About the Author: Jody Brazil

Jody Brazil
Jody is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than two decades of executive management experience and deep domain expertise in network security, including network security management and product development. Before serving as founder and longtime CEO of FireMon, Jody served as CTO at FishNet Security.

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