We put the response in threat response.

Cloud exploits happen in seconds, not minutes. DisruptOps is the first cloud-native platform built to power incident response and remediation at the speed of cloud. DisruptOps takes native and third-party events, filters them for what matters, and routes them to the right person or automation with options for 1-click remediation actions.

DisruptOps doesn’t merely route events, it routes the recommended solution, enabling rapid response when you still want a person to make the decision, or instant response via automation for those threat events you know you want to stop right then and there.

DisruptOps is fully event-driven and designed for real time cloud-scale operations. DisruptOps integrates directly with cloud platform security event feeds like AWS SecurityHub and the Azure Security Center, as well as general activity feeds like CloudTrail and Azure Activity (Monitor). The platform also supports an open API capable of ingesting alerts from nearly any source, including your favorite security analytics or threat intelligence tools.

These alerts are classified instantly, thanks to a serverless design, and are then filtered based on our best practices playbooks or your own custom rules. DisruptOps manages events, not logs, and works seamlessly alongside your existing log management tools. DisruptOps takes events from nearly any source and turns them into actions.

Received events are filtered and fed into the DisruptOps automation engine for analysis, enrichment, and routing. Based on pre-built or custom rules send events to exactly the right person using Slack, JIRA, Microsoft Teams, or other integrations. Route low-priority misconfigurations to the project owner to fix on their own while sending critical security events directly to the incident response team.

You can send all high severity events across all accounts and subscriptions to the security team, or use fine-grained filters to route based on resource tags to the resource owner. You can even send to multiple destinations at the same time, creating a JIRA ticket for cloud engineering while sending a Slack alert to security.

DisruptOps packages actions with the events for immediate remediation. This slams shut an attacker’s window of opportunity while still supporting a robust range of response options. For example, the playbook for cryptocurrency miners routes the event with options to stop, terminate, or quarantine the compromised instance. Once the authorized responder selects an action in the ChatOps tool the automation engine executes it without requiring them to log into yet another dashboard.

DisruptOps also supports fully automated actions. Instead of waiting for a human response the automation engine can execute the pre-selected action. Automation is fine-grained, with filters that can be scoped down to a single resource, and supports parallel notification.

DisruptOps isn’t a mere alerting tool, it is a powerful automation platform for real time response. Slam the door on attacks and mistakes by directly collecting events, routing them to the team capable of taking action, and including recommended 1-click automated remediations they can manage in the tools they already use.

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