Make everyone a member of the cloud security team.

Cloud security starts with data collection but not everyone has the time or access to analyze the raw logs.  Teams need to have decision quality data delivered to them so they can take action.  Intelligent Security Alerting enables you to deputize your entire team by giving you fine-grained control over your security alerts delivering them on-time to their existing consoles ensuring your application team can deliver more, faster, with less risk.

DisruptOps provides you full control over your alerting without coding or scripting.  Instead of overwhelming team members with with a firehose of data, you can smartly route important alerts based on any alert fields including severity, account, and compliance policy.  Security posture and compliance scores will improve as critical items no longer get lost in the shuffle.

With the DisruptOps platform alerting the correct people in the channels that they work in every day, important security activity will increase.  Gaps in posture, compliance findings and misconfigurations will be delivered in a consumable manner enabling team members to act easily with those activities that matter the most reducing the opportunity for data loss.

Finding and fixing security gaps early in the development cycle saves time and money.  DisruptOps enables IaC organizations to shift left by alerting them to security gaps identified in pre-production environments.  Alerts can be routed to tracking systems as bug tickets to be prioritized with other product activities.

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