To error is human.

Which is a problem when managing thousands of cloud resources in an increasingly complex weave of clouds. With thousands (or tens of thousands) of resources across multiple clouds, effective security starts by ensuring all of those resources and services maintain a strong security posture, in accordance to security best practices.

As [Gartner believes], “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes.” But you don’t have an option to make mistakes in the cloud. Your environment will be exploited in seconds, not minutes. In order to minimize these mistakes, you need to continuously assess your cloud security posture for policy deviations.

DisruptOps provides a Cloud Security Posture Management solution that continuously assesses your cloud infrastructure to identify security and compliance issues to help you improve the visibility and control of your cloud.

You can comprehensively evaluate your cloud security posture within minutes. DisruptOps’ intuitive step-by-step process leads you through onboarding your cloud accounts across multiple cloud providers, populating the built-in cloud inventory, and running through an assessment to identify potential issues.

Even better, DisruptOps continuously discovers newly deployed or changed cloud resources, workloads, and services to make sure consistent adherence to corporate security policies and best practices.

DisruptOps’ platform automates the process of assessing your cloud against hundreds of configuration and security best practices, including the CIS benchmarks and PCI-DSS,  identifying critical risks in your environment. These checks may include basic policies like ensuring each account sends its logs to a secure log repository, requiring all admin users to log in with multi-factor authentication, or making sure no administrative network ports are open to the public Internet.

More complicated best practices can be assessed as well, including looking for excessive account permissions, making sure access to storage buckets only comes from authorized network addresses,  or finding stale access keys that haven’t been used in 90 days.

Running a cloud at scale requires you to quickly and reliably identify when your cloud deviates from security policies, and provide an instant notification within the tools you use to manage Operations, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira.

No security analyst wakes up in the morning and hopes they get more security alerts. They need to fix issues as quickly as possible. DisruptOps provides you with the ability to take immediate action to remediate issues in either a fully automated or interactive fashion. Instantly fixing issues eliminates the window of opportunity for an attacker to compromise the cloud while offering tremendous flexibility in response.

For example, the response options to address an open admin port involves either closing the port altogether or restricting access to a set of known-good IP addresses. So when DisruptOps discovers this issue, it instantly sends a notification to the responder. The authorized responder can get the notification in a ChatOps tool and select the desired response action. the automation engine executes it without requiring them to log into yet another dashboard.

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