Continuous compliance assessment
and policy enforcement.

As cloud computing adoption grows and the scale and complexity of those environments continue to expand, maintaining control is both critical and difficult.  A pivotal first step is to understand the current state, identify the gaps, and ultimately fix the issues.  

DisuprtOps platform automates this process of assessing cloud infrastructure for hundreds of compliance and best practice controls, identifying critical risks in your environment.  Remediation of these discovered issues can be fully automated or interactively applied through the platform.  Learn more about the remediation capabilities of the platform.

Gain complete control of your cloud infrastructure with the DisruptOps Cloud Compliance and Governance solution.

DisruptOps continuously assesses your cloud infrastructure to identify security and compliance issues to help you gain visibility and control of your clouds security. 

Learn more about our deep support for AWS and Azure.

Tags, Filters, and Exceptions

Exceptions to compliance controls are common and if exception classification is not supported, compliance findings become noise.  For example, “Public S3 Buckets” is a common security risk that must be assessed.  However, an S3 bucket designed to host a public website must of course expose public read access to be usable.  It must be possible to exclude these findings to focus on the actual issues that remain.  The DisruptOps platform supports this, not just this example, but all assessment checks.

Each assessment check can be customized to exclude resources by account, project, and even by tag.  In addition, most assessments offer filtering capabilities to exclude resources by specific properties, for example if encryption is enabled.  And one-off exceptions or whitelists can be created on an issue by issue basis.  These exceptions are tracked, so while they will no longer appear as open issues, the details of the issue and the fact that an exception was created will never be lost.