If you use AWS Security Hub but find it difficult to get fixes in for all the findings it reports, Intelligent Security Alerting from DisruptOps is the answer. DisruptOps easily integrates with Security Hub allowing you to:

  • Communicate better with flexible and maintainable integration into existing work streams
  • Get more done by spreading the work to the right team members
  • Scale more securely and effectively
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Intelligently Route Findings

DisruptOps sees all findings coming from Security Hub and then can route them to the correct work stream. For example, you can:

  • Send all your critical findings to your SOC team using MS Teams
  • Use environment and tags to get targeted findings to specific team members
  • Trigger on specific compliance findings and route them to the right Jira project

Get More Security Fixes Accomplished

Instead of overwhelming a few people to look at and prioritize all findings, use your existing organizational processes to capture, prioritize and assign work. DisruptOps will ensure seamless, ongoing integration with your security, product and operations work streams.

1-Click Fixes

With DisruptOps, fixing a security issue is always only one click away. Our alerts not only deliver the findings with all the necessary details to make an operational decision about remediation as well as the ability to fix the issue directly in your native consoles.

In addition to Intelligent SecurityHub Event Response, you will also receive:

  • AWS Security Compliance & Reporting

    From a centralized location, review the total number of issues across all your AWS accounts based on industry best practices and compliance standards.

  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

    Evaluate your cloud sprawl in minutes, assess configurations and security settings, and take automated or continuous action.

  • Real-time Threat Response

    DisruptOps doesn’t merely route events, it routes the recommended solution, enabling rapid response when you still want a person to make the decision, or instant response via automation for those threat events you know you want to stop right then and there.

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