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DisruptOps Inc. provides a SaaS-based cloud management platform to implement automated control of cloud infrastructure. Through the continuous assessment and enforcement of security, operational and economic guardrails, enterprises can realize the benefits of agility, speed, and innovation offered by cloud computing while maintaining operational control.

Many solutions exist to identify configuration and policy issues in cloud environments, but create noise for overworked security operations teams. By focusing on both finding AND fixing issues in cloud environments, DisruptOps reduces the noise and shrinks the attack surface.

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Operate your cloud without fear of data loss or operational failures.

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Identify & resolve issues before you even know there was a problem.

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Don’t sacrifice operational and security excellence as cloud infrastructure grows.

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DisruptOps offers a cloud-native SaaS platform providing automated and continuous control of cloud infrastructure. Achieve security and operational excellence by implementing Ops that rapidly detect and automatically remediate security issues and operational inefficiencies. Rather than erecting barriers to cloud adoption, DisruptOps enforces guardrails that empowers DevOps and Security teams to remain agile and innovative while helping avoid security and operational pitfalls.



DisruptOps Guardrails rapidly detects and automatically remediates security issues and operational inefficiencies. More than an assessment tool, DisruptOps automatically fixes such issues, usually before you even know there is an issue.



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Something You Probably Should Include When Building Your Next Threat Models

We are working on our threat models here at DisruptOps, so I decided to refresh my knowledge of different approaches. One thing that quickly stood out is that nearly none of the threat modeling documentation or tools I’ve seen covers the CI/CD pipeline. This. Is. A. Problem. Include your pipeline in your threat models. Over the past few years I’ve performed a few dozen cloud security [...]



“My primary objective is to remove obstacles for my teams so they can move as quickly as possible, but I can’t ignore security. I need the ability to define guardrails with some basic expectations of our cloud environments to detect mistakes, automate resolutions, and notify users of the condition.”

– DevOps Manager Enterprise Healthcare IT