Embrace The Cloud

Cloud management as disruptive as the cloud itself

DisruptOps is building a platform to bring unprecedented insight, control, and expertise into your cloud environment.

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The Future of Cloud Management

DisruptOPS enables organizations to realize the promise of the cloud by rethinking traditional security and operational approaches. With automated and continuous control of cloud infrastructure, teams can move faster into the cloud while strengthening security controls, streamlining operations, and controlling cloud spending.

We’re building a new platform to empower teams to remain agile and innovative while helping avoid security and operational pitfalls. Join us as we create the future of cloud management.

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Know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, without fear of data loss or operational failures.


Address & resolve issues before you even know they are issues.


Grow your operational and security capabilities in lockstep with your cloud infrastructure.

The Leadership Team

DisruptOPS enables organizations to realize the promise of the cloud. By empowering security, dev & ops teams to remain agile.

Jody Brazil


Jody is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than two decades of executive management experience and deep domain expertise in network security, including network security management and product development. Before serving as founder and longtime CEO of FireMon, Jody was Chief Technology Officer at FishNet Security.

Mike Rothman


Mike is a 25-year security veteran, specializing in the sexy aspects of security, like protecting networks and endpoints, security management, compliance, and helping client navigate a secure evolution to the cloud. In addition to his role at D-OPS, Mike is Analyst & President of Securosis.

Rich Mogull

VP, Product

With twenty years of experience in information security, physical security, and risk management, Rich is one of the foremost experts on cloud security, having driven development of the Cloud Security Alliance’s V4 Guidance and the associated CCSK training curriculum. In addition to his role at D-OPS, Rich currently serves as Analyst & CEO of Securosis.

Brandy Peterson


Brandy has extensive experience in network security integration in his 20 years, on top of his background in mechanical design, IT systems administration, application development, technical training, and network implementation. He recently served as Principal of Technology Integration at Guidepoint Security and CTO of FireMon, following 16 years at FishNet Security, most recently as the CTO.

Adrian Lane

VP, Development

Adrian is a Security Strategist specializing in database security, data security, and software development with over 22 years of industry experience, much of it at the executive level, at companies like Ingres, Oracle, and Unisys. In addition to his role at D-OPS, Adrian also serves as Analyst & CTO of Securosis.